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CD ripping to MP3


There should be a panel in Grip where you can select to encode the wav files, and what program/options to use.

For mp3 format, most people prefer the "LAME" encoder.

If you produce mp3's that won't play on your hardware, do not immediately discard your encoder for another... it quite possibly is the options you used. For example, some hardware MP3 players do not like variable bitrate (VBR) mp3's and will either not play them, or "skip" when they do.

Personally, I suggest ripping to 320/44 CBR for archiving, then ripping (or re-encoding) AGAIN for a compression ratio that's more practical for a hardware device, and finally archiving both folders to a CDR.


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From: David Lapointe <dlapointe at>
Sent: 05/23/03 07:22 AM
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Subject: CD ripping to MP3

I haven't found a successful way to create mp3s with Linux. Ogg no
but those won't play on my iRiver.   I am using grip to rip cd's but I am
sure what works (best) for encoding mp3s. 

 David Lapointe
It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the
journey that matters, in the end.--Ursula K. Le Guin

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