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Gnutella creators (briefly) release a new product

On Friday 30 May 2003 11:48 am, Bill Horne wrote:
> There are binaries for Windoze, and source for *nix. If some kind soul
> compiles it on RedHat 7.3, please share the binary with me.

The binary is called wastesrv

There is absolutely no documentation.  A cursory glance through the code shows 
that there is one parameter, the name of the config file.  If none is 
specified, then "default.pr0" is used.  The format is "field=value".

Do note that what is supplied for POSIX is the server only; the client program 
is riddled with Win32 calls.  I am not sure if that makes the server useless 
or not, because it appears you config it with a directory to sync and port 
and passwd ect in the config file, and every once in a while (there's a 
sleep(33) in the loop) the program does its thing.  So maybe you don't need 
the pretty GUI client.

This is after spending about 10 minutes with the code.  I'm sure more info is 
easily obtained for those that care and can read C++.  I only have one of 
those attributes right now.  That may change.

Favorite comment found in the code: (main.cpp)
//unfortunately this code is super super dumb. I actually did a much better
//version of it for gen_ml later on, but alas, too late now.

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