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spam control again

On Mon, Jul 14, 2003 at 08:23:38AM -0400, Jerry Feldman wrote:

> You brought up some things yesterday. One thought I had was to require
> every email message to have a valid digital signature. (Personally I
> prefer using OpenPGP, but there are other valid methods). With a digital
> signature much of the SPAM could be blocked early in the chain. And,
> those legitimate vendors could still send out bulk email. 
> The downside of this is that just about every email client would need to
> verify and produce a digital signature. We already have the standards
> for this in place and most email clients have the capability built in or
> available as plugins. 

A different approach, with the same goals, would be to use something
like hashcash.  Same problem, though: there are certain expectations
that are unlikely to be universally met.

I think it will be difficult to implement a technological solution to
the problem using current email standards.  One of the problems is that
SMTP itself makes it difficult to cryptographically protect header

I think there's a technological solution, but I'm not expecting the
solution to build upon the current SMTP infrastructure.

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