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Waiting for Transaction Lock when installing rpm

On Fri, Jul 09, 2004 at 03:42:09PM -0400, Don Levey wrote:
> I'm trying that now.  However, I just did a ps -ef to see what is running,
> and found the two lsof commands I had thought I had killed.  In fact,
> NOTHING seems to be terminating.  Not even the finds I ran last night.

Have you checked your logs for error messages?  It may be that you're
having a hardware problem.  That should show up in the logs (as will
lots of other interesting problems).

It sounds like something is quite well wedged.  You may have no
alternative but to reboot.

Programs which can't be killed with kill -9 are in uninterruptable I/O
wait state.  Nothing can kill them, except rebooting...  You'll see a
'D' listed in the status column, when you look at the output of ps or

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