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now, we can help a man who has worked hard caring for the departed

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David Kramer wrote:
| You're getting into dangerous territory.  Monitor, yes, but on the
| receiving end, not on the government's end or the ISP's end.  Let the
| end user decide what is porn, what is spam, what is a scam, and what is
| desirable content. There are plenty of tools around to help.
| The last time we let the government decide what was spam (the
| telemarketer do-not-call list), they decided that calls from campaigning
| government officials and religous organizations were not spam.  Keep
| that in mind.
| When you filter on the end-user side, the end user gets to make the
| choices.

Right, I see what you're saying.  I don't want to limit anyones choices.
~  In my chess example, dirtbags used the community to try their schemes
out on folks.  It would be nice to have a chess (or whatever) community
that used something like the web of trust in PGP to help filter out such
nonsense.  If you abuse the privilege, then "whoever" removes their seal
of approval from your key.  Maybe like financial institutions do with a
credit report, but it would be a kind of "trust" report.  You can't
enter game room A because that community only wants to deal with <insert
your code of ethics here>.  But this may create more problems than it
solves.  I suppose if there were an easy answer it would already be
available to us.
- --
- -Eric
"Never express yourself more clearly than you
are able to think." Niels Bohr
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