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Getting started w/ Debian

On Tuesday 20 July 2004 11:24, Drew Taylor wrote:
> Honestly, I didn't even use rpm a lot - preferring to compile everything
> from source. Maybe it's because I like more control over the system
> layout, but that is neither here nor there. I'm happy to learn whatever
> I need.

Well, debian is great, but if you like source, Gentoo is almost sane. Debian 
is a good start though, and quicker to get running, updated and reinstalled 
(flame suit on). 

> I understand there are different sources for updates, and differing
> levels of "stability". This will be a server (although via a surplus
> desktop), so stable/testing sounds good. What is the difference between
> the two? I really want to play with the 2.6 kernel if that makes a
> difference.

It's not stable like "oh no, it crashed", it's API, framework stability, which 
often does translate into actual stability. Sticking with that sources.list I 
pasted in has worked for me for nearly a year without one glitch.

> Are there many changes on a day-to-day basis? The impression I've gotten
> of Debian is that they are much more conservative about releases,
> preferring to remain behind the curve. Although that's not necessarily a
> bad thing for servers...

Right, that goes back to the whole "it's different". They release, but they 
are not important. The changes trickle down over time, and a release just 
integrates the latest stuff. it's like Rawhide/Cooker for Red Hat/Mandrake...

> BTW, I plan on being at the meeting tomorrow so I hope my questions then
> won't seem to newbie-ish.

Oh, you'll be fine. There are many who are more knowledgeable than me, but if 
you're in a bind, I'm the tall guy with the goatee and no PDA (I'm in the 


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