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USB Flash Drive Purchasing Advice

The two big concerns are 1) make it small as possible. Some of the bulkier
designs don't fit in all laptop/computer layouts because the original design
was for the very slim profile of a usb cord.
2) Make sure the key-fob portion of the USB key is attached to the drive
itself, and /not/ the cap. Who cares if you've got a cap on your want the DRIVE!

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On Tue, Jul 20, 2004 at 10:15:17AM -0400, Bob Gorman wrote:
> Any advice on purchasing a USB Flash Drive for use with Linux?
> Brands to avoid, or migrate towards?  Any general advise on compatibility,
dependability or longevity?
> My primary plan is to use this with different flavors of bootable Linux
CDs.  I will initially be working with Knoppix but intend to work with some
others (SUSE, Mandrake, whatever strikes-my-fancy :)
> I will occasionally stick it into a W2K machine to grab some files.

No advice on choices, but I've found the compatibility question pretty
easy. Just load the right drivers, and it looks to the system like
a SCSI drive with a VFAT filesystem. I've successfully used a pocket
flash device, a digital camera memory adapter, and a digital camera,
and they all behave identically when plugged into USB.


> TIA!
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