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automated social engineering at it's best (maybe?)

Derek wrote:
>> Obviously, your computer had been infected and now contains a
>> hidden proxy server.
> Obviously, this e-mail is itself a virus.
>> Please follow instruction in order to keep your computer safe.
> Not likely.
>> Best regards,
>> technical support team.
> Right.  Oh, wait; that would be me, and I didn't send this e-mail.
> So, anyone have any good procmail recipies for this bogosity?  I'm
> still getting basically no spam, but what can you do when your
> friends don't know how to take care of their PCs?  I think I got
> about a hundred copies of this (or one of a few similar ones) in the
> last 3 days. Sigh...
> There's one with a total message size of ~39-40k.  There's another
> with a message size of ~170k.  Recipies for these (or any other
> annoyance virus) will be appreciated.

I admit that I don't use procmail, but rather clamav.  These messages never
see my inbox, or any other, and that's one of the (indespensible, to me)
benefits of running my own mail server.  While there's no guarantee, of
course, I've not found anything yet that it doesn't handle.  Virus-free
email, incoming and outgoing - gotta love it.

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