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Could comcast be blocking port 6667 outbound?

On Thursday 01 September 2005 4:30 pm, Mike Gorse wrote:

> I was working from home today, and, at about noon time, my irc connection
> went away, and trying to open a tcp connection to port 6667 on any
> machine I've tried no longer works, even though it does when I try it
> from a shell elsewhere.  I also tried connecting my laptop directly to
> the cable modem (our computers are normally behind a Linksys RT41P2 that
> handles the VoIP).  So I know that either comcast is blocking it or my
> router is mysteriously acting up, but I don't know which.  I'd call
> Comcast except that I get a recording saying that they are receiving
> higher than normal call volume and to call back another time unless it is
> urgent.  Has anyone run into something like this before?
I seriously doubt that Comcast is blocking any outbound port. It would be 
more believable if they were to block those inbound ports especially if you 
were running an IRC server. 

One way to check is to take one of the systems, bypass the router, and test 
the port. That may leave that system vulnerable for a short time. 

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