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what's a good HTML editor??

Glenn Burkhardt wrote:
| But I don't use an editor exclusively with Qt to build GUI's - I use Qt
| Designer.  I have used an editor with nothing else to write Qt code, and can
| do it, but I can build a GUI more quickly with less pain and better results
| with a GUI builder than I can with an editor.  I'm hoping to find some such
| productively enhancing tool for HTML pages as well.

Me too.  I've tried a number of HTML editors, and so far I've  always
been  disappointed.   They've  been  harder  to use that a plain-text
editor like vi, mostly because they don't seem to want to make  pages
that look like I want them to look.  And when I look at the HTML, I'm
always appalled, and don't want my name associated with such junk.

So I just use vi, because I know how to use it, it's easier, and  the
HTML  is clean.  But I keep hoping that I'll stumble across something
that can make the job easier.

(I've also written a fair amount of mostly  perl  code  that  grovels
through  HTML  from  various sources, mostly commercial HTML editors,
cleans it up, and often adds in things that the people  who  sent  me
the HTML didn't know how to generate.  And I keep wishing for an HTML
parser that does something useful when hit with the invalid HTML that
comes from a lot of commercial Web software.  I'm tired of writing my
own kludges to attempt to parse misbegotten parodies of HTML.  ;-)

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