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$14.95 Verizon DSL

> In fact I'd say those competitive pressures are likely to increase, and
> perhaps even force Comcast to cave in and reduce its monthly prices.  Comcast
> keeps boosting the raw speed of my connection, but raw speed is only useful
> during those rare times that I'm running a lengthy download.

I could use some more raw speed these days, though... I've been doing 
some testing/experimenting with new Linux distros, and it takes a while 
to download 3GB of stuff over our 768K SDSL. On the other hand, the 
connection is very responsive (good for web surfing) and the upload 
speed is good (nice for our admittedly modest collection of servers). 
I've occasionally been tempted to go for the 6M/768K ADSL service that 
Speakeasy is offering now, but it would mean an increase of about 
$35/month, so I have held off so far. (But 6Mbps! EIGHT TIMES as fast! 
The siren call is there... and FIOS isn't coming to Dorchester any time 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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