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$14.95 Verizon DSL

dsr at wrote:
>> that $14.95 DSL come-on from Verizon worth looking at?
> Not really. After all, the $14.95 only lasts the first 3 months, IIRC.

That was the old come-on.  Starting this summer they changed the promotion,
it's a 12-month price-protection deal on a 768K/128K service, not a discount
on a certain number of months.  (For example, the current Comcast come-on is
something like $19.95 for the first six months, after which the price goes to
the same 42.95 I'm paying.)  Verizon could jack everyone's price up next year
but competitive pressures might force them to extend the low-price deal.

In fact I'd say those competitive pressures are likely to increase, and
perhaps even force Comcast to cave in and reduce its monthly prices.  Comcast
keeps boosting the raw speed of my connection, but raw speed is only useful
during those rare times that I'm running a lengthy download.  Most of the rest
of the time performance is limited by DNS and other bottlenecks that are
unrelated to the last-mile ISP connection.


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