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VMPlayer and qemu on Linux

I just read from the current issue of Linux magazine (article: Run your
windows with vmware) that it has a technology know as RAW Device Mapping
(RDM) which apparently allows you to run your windows partition from your
Linux Partition. This seems very exciting & I can wait to give it a try....

On 7/5/07, markw-FJ05HQ0HCKaWd6l5hS35sQ at <markw-FJ05HQ0HCKaWd6l5hS35sQ at> wrote:
> I'm not sure how many know about or use VMPlayer. VMPlayer is a fee
> download from vmware. It runs virtual machines within a host OS such as
> Linux or Windows.
> The qemu project has a similar aim and works fairly well, but vmplayer
> seems a bit more polished and certainly more popular.
> Why would you want vmplayer or qemu? Have you ever had the problem where
> you needed to run a specific program that only ran on an OS you didn't
> have? Virtualization is all the rage. It allows you to create full virtual
> environments. You can run Windows XP on Linux in a virtual machine. You
> can install Windows XP into a virtual machine hosted on Linux.
> You can run a full 32bit version of Linux on a 64bit version of Linux. You
> can run Windows Server 2003 in a virtual machine on Windows or Linux.
> Given this, it is not hard to imagine a scenario where you can write a
> program on Linux, and distribute it as a virtual machine for Windows,
> Linux, or what ever. No version problems, no OS issues, nothing! Think
> about it. All the promise of Java and potentially faster than java, and
> your choice of development environments! Fully native or emulated on a
> host.
> Not only that, it is free. You can use VMPlayer to run your programs, and
> you can use the qemu tools to create the virtual machines.
> We have just returned to the early days of computers where virtual
> machines were really self contained worlds.
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