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Gnome Terminal and xterm problems

Matthew Gillen wrote:
> Matt Shields wrote:
>> I've noticed this in CentOS 4 & 5 and Fedora 5 & 6.  If I'm in Gnome
>> desktop and using any of the terminal programs and I ssh into any
>> server, the connection just hangs.  Not drops, it just hangs and
>> doesn't recover.  It doesn't hang immediately, it hangs after an
>> unknown amount of time.
>> These servers are all over the country on different ISPs in Tier1
>> datacenters.  Some are in our office, so they are on the local lan.
>> We have a mix of RHEL 3, 4 & 5 and CentOS 4 & 5 on the servers.  If
>> I'm using a windows computer with putty or SecureCRT this never
>> happens, it only happens when I'm using any of our linux desktops or
>> laptops.  It doesn't matter if I'm in the office or at home (on
>> comcast) or over at a friend's house (verizon dsl).  This problem has
>> been going on for at least two years and I'm finally fed up to the
>> point where I might switch back to windows since 99% of my job is
>> working while ssh'ed into servers.
>> Anyone had similar problems?
> No (I use mostly Fedora 6 and 7 boxes).  Have you fired up wireshark on the
> client to see what's going on at the network level when it hangs?
> Also, try running 'ssh -vvv' for lots of debugging output.

Couple other possibilities: it might be a key sequence that your linux client
is recognizing as a "stop this process" command.  Or you may be unwittingly
halting execution of the ssh client (ie with a Ctrl-z or STOP signal from
another process).  Both of those make sense given that windows would not have
the same keybindings for those operations.


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