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Gnome Terminal and xterm problems

Matt Shields writes:

> I've noticed this in CentOS 4 & 5 and Fedora 5 & 6.  If I'm in Gnome
> desktop and using any of the terminal programs and I ssh into any
> server, the connection just hangs.  Not drops, it just hangs and
> doesn't recover.  It doesn't hang immediately, it hangs after an
> unknown amount of time.
> These servers are all over the country on different ISPs in Tier1
> datacenters.  Some are in our office, so they are on the local lan.
> We have a mix of RHEL 3, 4 & 5 and CentOS 4 & 5 on the servers.  If
> I'm using a windows computer with putty or SecureCRT this never
> happens, it only happens when I'm using any of our linux desktops or
> laptops.  It doesn't matter if I'm in the office or at home (on
> comcast) or over at a friend's house (verizon dsl).  This problem has
> been going on for at least two years and I'm finally fed up to the
> point where I might switch back to windows since 99% of my job is
> working while ssh'ed into servers.

As an educated guess, I'd say that <something> in your network is
killing TCP connections that it has determined to be idle.

So, try this.

Add this to your /etc/ssh/sshd_config

    KeepAlive yes
    ClientAliveInterval 60

Or else add this to your $HOME/.ssh/config

    ServerAliveInterval 60

Why does this work with putty and SecureCRT?  Because, in my
experience, these applications are configured to send keepalives by
default.  The ssh client on your Linux boxen is not configured (by
default) this way.

Hope this helps,

GnuPG ID: B280F24E              God, I loved that Pontiac.!kdc                   -- Tom Waits

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