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Linux and desktops on isolated LAN

On 7/27/07, Matthew Gillen <me-5yx05kfkO/aqeI1yJSURBw at> wrote:
> A while back gnome would detect that you were simultaneously logged in
> somewhere else and wouldn't let you log in.  I'm pretty sure newer versions
> will recognize that another instance has the gconfd stuff locked, and it will
> allow log you in, but pop up a window saying something like "You won't be able
> to change your preferences from this login".  Not sure about KDE though.

It still does.  But lots of other applications, like Firefox, do this
as well.  Remember when Firefox <1.0 (Phoenix?) would break if it
closed down improperly :-)

> The multiple versions thing might be an issue though.  Although RHEL and
> CentOS (if they are the same release) will have the same versions of GNOME/KDE.

And what happens when you have a RHEL3 LDAP server and Ubuntu Feisty
LDAP/NFS/GDM clients :-)  It breaks I can tell you!  I implemented a
Frankenstein configuration similar to this in 2005 while I was working
as an intern for IBM at UMass Amherst.  I would be interested to hear
an elegant hack if anyone implements it...

Btw, Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10) will include a one-step LDAP server
configuration in the Ubuntu Server version.  It will be very similar
to the 'LAMP' install option which meta-configures
Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP automagically...
Kristian Hermansen

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