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oops, no partition table

Doug wrote:
> Hello:
> I have 3 hard disk on my computer.  Right now I only boot one.  The
> 1000G drive is brand new, needs to be partitioned.  The other one has
> all my CDs which I ripped to flac, then made mp3 copies.  The 200G is
> full.
> I was dinking around with gparted, not paying too much attention.  I
> am pretty sure I did one of those set disklabel operations on what I
> thought was my 1000G drive.  Now that I have gparted open, I can see
> what is on /dev/sda - /, swap, /home, and the other 2 drives /dev/sdb
> 931G, /dev/sdc 189G  are completely unallocated.  The only way that
> makes sense is if my disklabel did its magic on the 200G drive because
> I was asleep at the wheel.  I know it was one big partition
> originally.  It is an IDE drive, so I am surprised by the device name
> (should I be?).
> Is there anything that can be done?  It was a lot of work to rip all
> those CDs, and I may have to live with the mp3s I ported to the Mac.

As long as you haven't touched it yet (ie tried to mount/format), you can 
just set it back to a single big partition and you should be good to go. 
You can screw up partition tables badly, as long as you can put them back 
exactly like they were before, the filesystems will never be the wiser.

Good luck,

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