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oops, no partition table


I have 3 hard disk on my computer.  Right now I only boot one.  The
1000G drive is brand new, needs to be partitioned.  The other one has
all my CDs which I ripped to flac, then made mp3 copies.  The 200G is

I was dinking around with gparted, not paying too much attention.  I
am pretty sure I did one of those set disklabel operations on what I
thought was my 1000G drive.  Now that I have gparted open, I can see
what is on /dev/sda - /, swap, /home, and the other 2 drives /dev/sdb
931G, /dev/sdc 189G  are completely unallocated.  The only way that
makes sense is if my disklabel did its magic on the 200G drive because
I was asleep at the wheel.  I know it was one big partition
originally.  It is an IDE drive, so I am surprised by the device name
(should I be?).

Is there anything that can be done?  It was a lot of work to rip all
those CDs, and I may have to live with the mp3s I ported to the Mac.

Not a sysadmin

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