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OT: contact-management hell (iPhone how-to)

jabr suggested:
> I just decided to forget about
> 2-way sync. I set up my contacts in openldap as the master source, and
> then sync'ed one-way from ldap to each mobile device, and I developed the
> self-discipline to never enter contact information directly into the
> mobile device,

Indeed, that's what I have done since the first PDA I bought (a REX 6000 if
anyone remembers those ;-)  The source data lives in the MySQL table that I
manage myself, and gets pushed out to whatever device I can figure out how to
transmit it to.

The V180 required these manual steps:  (1) export from mysql to a
comma-separated values ASCII file, (2) import to Outlook 98, (3) wipe the
address book from Motorola Tools, (4) sync to the Motorola Tools app, and
finally (5) sync to cellphone.

What I'm looking for is actually the data file format and command set for
writing the glue scripts necessary to get my data into the iPhone.  When I
first got my hands on one two summers ago, I got as far as this:  create a few
names in the iPhone, figure out where it stores them, copy the raw files off
to my Linux box, format new files the same as the old ones, copy new ones to
the iPhone, and ... it wouldn't import the way I hoped.  Then I got busy with
something else and haven't gone back to that.



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