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fdisk -l and gparted inconsistent on ubuntu jaunty

On 07/07/2009 01:09 PM, Laura Conrad wrote:
> I'm still working on installing my new system with the one terrabyte
> drive and the 8G of memory.
> Right now, I'm installing new packages, and it seems to be working, but=

> I'm concerned that "df" says that 94% of my / disk is full.
> When I installed, I had gparted set up a 530G partition.  It thinks it
> did, and its name is /dev/sda6, and that 12 G of that is now full.  Thi=
> is the kind of number I expect.
> But when I run df, I get that root is mounted on /dev/sda3, and fdisk -=
> and mount don't know anything at all about /dev/sda6.
> Does this make any sense to anyone else?
>  =20
Looks like you installed Ubuntu on /dev/sda3. While you had (I assume)
/dev/sda4 set up as an extended partion, and /dev/sda6 as a logical.
What happened to /dev/sda5, /dev/sda2, and /dev/sda1 (I assume /boot).
Looks like you simply let Ubuntu take the defaults. The reason /dev/sda6
does not show up using df, is that it is not mounted on anything.

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