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Boston Linux Meeting Wed, July 15, 2009 Another Look at MythTV and MythDora

=46rom Jarod:
On Wednesday 08 July 2009 21:57:01 Jerry Feldman wrote:
> When:      July 15, 2009 7PM (6:30PM for Q&A)
> Topic:     Building an open-source PVR (TiVo workalike) with Fedora
> Moderator: Jarod Wilson
> Location:  MIT Building E51, Room 315
>     Jarod discusses the current state of MythTV, which is expected to
> have a new release (MythTV 0.22) shortly before the date of this meetin=
>     Jarod is involved in the MythDora project, which maintains a simple=

> installation ISO image based on Fedora. Back in January 2009, the
> MythDora project announced that MythDora had finally been updated to
> catch up with the Fedora baseline, and as of the 10.21 release, MythDor=
> was now based on the still-new Fedora 10.
>     With luck, a new release of MythDora based on Fedora 11 and MythTV
> 0.22 may be released before the date of this meeting.

Wow, this sorta... Snuck up on me. MythTV 0.22 won't be released by
next week, and there won't be a new MythDora release just yet, but I
think there's still plenty to talk about... :)

Now, I don't actually have anything prepared yet, so hey, why not get
the ball rolling now: what exactly do people planning to attend most
want to hear about? VDPAU? The HD PVR? New and interesting things in
the world of LIRC? Potential commercial ventures utilizing MythTV?

Jarod Wilson
jarod-ajLrJawYSntWk0Htik3J/w at

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