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Western Digital 4TB NAS WDH2NC40000N

Jerry Feldman wrote :
> What we would like to do is use something like the Mybook II configured as RAID1.

Raid 1 is nice for redundancy in your disks...but what is implementing
the raid 1?  What single-points-of-failure do you have inside that
single box?  (Assuming you are buying one of that unit.)

Windows I don't know, but for both Mac and Linux can't one do software
raid 1 between two physically distinct external disks?  If so, the only
single-points-of-failure are then: you administrating, the OS doing the
raid 1 (better debugged than the firmware in the WD box?), and your
physical circumstance (flood, fire, lighting, theft, sabotage, ...). 

-kb, the Kent who is into knowing where he can get every part single
that might need emergency replacement, preferably with the answer "from
right here".

P.S.  For backup of "small" amounts of key data I like ping-ponging
between two different encrypted external disks where one is always
stored off-site. 

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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