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UPnP video clients

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> Just remembered there's a totem mythtv plugin... Haven't got around to  
> trying it out myself...

Thanks for the tip. Not a lot of info available about it.

Found some screen shots here:

Discussion here:

(Mostly people justifying the usefulness of the feature (who apparently 
don't know you can run MythTV front-end in a small window so it doesn't 
take over your desktop), or complaining that it isn't working for them.)

Bugs about the MythTV plugin being absent from the Ubuntu build here:

And finally a PPA containing a Totem build with it:

After installing that, the plugin does show up, but it doesn't retrieve 
any shows, and doesn't seem to report any relevant errors to the console.

As information on the plugin is sparse, it's hard to say for sure, but 
it appears the earlier versions required setting values in gconf to 
specify your MythTV server and database credentials. Release notes on 
the more recent Ubuntu build claims config is unnecessary and that UPnP 
is now used. (I though MythTV had its own autodiscovery protocol 
independent of UPnP.) So it may not be working for the same reason that 
the Totem UPnP plugin isn't working. I tried supplying the manual 
config, but that didn't help. Oh well, it was worth a try.

It seems my MythTV client has resumed working as mysteriously as it 
stopped, so I'll shelf my hunt for a UPnP client for the time being.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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