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Accessing free space on a Linux File system

sgoldman wrote:
> I wish to access free space on the end of a file system. 
> I mounted the system from a install disk and the space is available.
> Working with Parted - I need START and END coordinates to partition the space.
> What tools are available to find unpartitioned space...

Your first two and your last two statements don't quite match up. Are 
you referring to available space on an existing partition, or 
unpartitioned space?

If the space has already been partitioned, and formatted with a file 
system, as your first two statements suggest, then you need to resize 
the file system before the partitions can be adjusted. A tool like GNU 
Parted[1] or QtParted[2] will handle the whole process. (I believe it 
was recently mentioned that GNU Parted is supplied on Ubuntu live CDs. 
It is also distributed on its own bootable CDs, or other rescue CDs, 
like SystemRescueCd[3].)


> What tools are available to find unpartitioned space and the
> coordinates to create a partition after installation.

My recollection is that most partitioning tools will automatically find 
the start and extent of unpartitioned space when you attempt to create a 
new partition.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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