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Accessing free space on a Linux File system

If it's unpartitioned space at the end of the extended partition  
(partition 4) then there is a simpler answer: use fdisk to create a  
new partition on the extended partition.  fdisk will do all the  
calculations for you; all you need to do is set the size you want and  
the partition type.

If it's partitioned space on an existing partition then you need to  
resize that partition (which will require dismounting).  Parted should  
be able to do that, although resizing raw partitions on a running  
system is a little risky.  Better to use the one of the GNU Parted  
bootable CDs available or an Ubuntu live CD or such.  In this case you  
tell Parted how small you want to make the partition and it will  
automatically calculate for you.

--Rich P.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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