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In the old days... circa 1990, I was really big on X-terminals and 
xdmcp. Basically we ran these large unix systems, (SGI was big then) 
which didn't have any display devices and we would buy a bunch of 
XTerminals which we installed on peoples desks. We all shared the same 

But the model has changed with everyone having their own PC. But I was 
wondering, is ther anyway of using xdmcp or somehow take advantage of it 
to startup a session so that I can do some kind of remote desktop'ing? 
Currently I use vnc and have to log into the system I want to vnc to, 
startup the vncserver (Xvnc) and then run my vnc client on my desktop. 
It would be nice if somehow I could run a vncviewer and somehow attach 
to it as if I had a virtual xterminal. Does that kind of interface exist 
these days?

Thanks for the replies in advance.

Cheers. Steve.

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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