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Go (language)

On 11/23/2009 09:59 PM, Matthew Gillen wrote:
> On 11/23/2009 07:45 PM, Jerry Feldman wrote:
>  =20
>> Unfortunately a compiled language like C or C++ (or FORTRAN) is
>> dependent upon the platform. The people that write the language
>> standards don't generally go far enough to define environments.
>>    =20
> My experience has been that often when you're doing non-trivial things,=

> interpreted languages are dependent on the platform too (try using Java=

> thread priorities on windows and linux).  Interpreted languages general=
ly do
> a better job of hiding the problem, but it's never mitigated completely=

> (unless some language is really willing to standardize on the lowest co=
> denominator for all platforms, which none ever will if they want to be =
> seriously).
>  =20
>> Unix/Linux, Windows, and Mac have very different graphical user
>> interfaces. QT does a good job of standardizing things, but in contras=
>> a JVM or PVM can be written once for each platform. Where in C/C++ Dav=
>> might want to use QT, I might want to use GTK, JABR might want to use
>> OpenMotif.
>>    =20
> QT and GTK were written once for each platform, and code that uses it o=
> has to be written once as well (it has to be compiled multiple times, b=
> that's a different job and different level of effort).  Unless you're m=
> the point that none of the above are a 'blessed standard' like Swing/AW=
> To that I would say that QT and GTK are defacto standards (for C++ and =
> respectively, and you do treat C and C++ as different languages, don't =
> :-) ).  There was gtkmm (C++ wrapper for GTK), but it didn't get much u=
> even before QT went LGPL (to match GTK).  WxWindows is probably the
> strongest competitor to QT in the C++ world, but a quick dependency sea=
> of installed software on my machine tells me QT is used quite a bit mor=
> Don't get me wrong, having a blessed standard is good for a lot of reas=
>  I just don't think the C and C++ worlds are quite so hopelessly fragme=
> as they're sometimes made out to be.
>  =20
Actually, my company's product is replacing their OpenMotif GUI with a
QT based one. Currently the product runs on Linux, Solaris, and AIX, but
a Windows version is in the future.

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