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Go (language)

On 11/23/2009 07:47 AM, David Kramer wrote:
> Uhm, that's what I said.  You can't write a portable C or C++ program
> with a GUI, or a database, or a web service, etc without involving
> (usually that means buying) third-party libraries.  Java offers other
> things, like a way of determining the running environment's text file
> line endings systematically, locale information like time zone and DST
> rules, etc.
> That doesn't mean C and C++ aren't important or useful for a lot of
> things, but (for me) not as full applications.
>  =20
As I mentioned, Java, Python and Perl are interpreted systems, so the
graphical support is in the VM (Python and Java). One of the nice things
about Python is that it works very well with C/C++/Java.

Unfortunately a compiled language like C or C++ (or FORTRAN) is
dependent upon the platform. The people that write the language
standards don't generally go far enough to define environments.

I was on the ANSI database standards committee, and we had a big fight
over numbers (or how numbers are stored). The issue was that it was the
language's responsibility to define its numbering system not the
database. The database would define numbers the way it wants and provide
translation in the schema.

Unix/Linux, Windows, and Mac have very different graphical user
interfaces. QT does a good job of standardizing things, but in contrast
a JVM or PVM can be written once for each platform. Where in C/C++ David
might want to use QT, I might want to use GTK, JABR might want to use

But, certainly Java and Python have an advantage here.

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