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On 4/7/2010 10:01 AM, Ryan Pugatch wrote:
> That whole thing is silly.  MS makes the OS, why can't they package
> their browser?  OS X comes with Safari.. why isn't this an issue?  Both
> allow you to then install whatever browser you want.

Why? Because the browser is an independent application, not part of the 
operating system. Because Microsoft destroyed the business model of 
selling browsers (ie, the original Netscape) by bundling theirs with the 
OS, using their monopoly power over the OS to do so. If Apple had a 
similar monopoly position in personal computers I would oppose their 
bundling of Safari, Garage Band, and the iLife applications, and the 
prohibition against running OS X on non-Apple hardware.

In the same vein, I would rule in favor of Palm and against Apple on the 
matter of syncing with iTunes. Apple does have monopoly-level power in 
digital music, and therefore should be denied the use of bundling to 
further that monopoly power.

Yes, this means that I believe that things that are standard business 
practice for small companies should be illegal for dominant companies. 
Market dominance can be used as a weapon to further market dominance, 
and using the law to curb that is an appropriate role for government and 
antitrust law. Deal with it.

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