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Derek Martin wrote:
> Honestly, as analogies go, I find Martin's to be much more compelling.
> The only limitation to the food that you can "process" in a microwave
> is the limit of your imagination.  The only *inherent* limit to the
> "food" (i.e. programs) you can process on your iFoo is also your
> imagination, however Apple has imposed arbitrary other limitations
> greatly reducing what can be done, in practice, from what can be done
> without said arbitrary limitations.
>> Seriously, you are making a mistake if you think of Apple as either
>> a hardware or a software company.  Apple is neither.  Apple is a
>> user experience company. 

Apple does not impose arbitrary limitations, and this seems to be what a
lot of you are missing.  They don't hate you.  They're not spiteful.
They're not stupid.  They place limitations that suit their needs, and
their needs are self-serving yet quite predictable.  And they are working.

We are not their target market.  But there aren't a lot of companies
catering to our needs.  I bought an iPod because most of the other MP3
player manufacturers have either abandoned the large hard drive market
or are just as locked-down (and a few that are MUCH larger because
they're more video players.  So I got a iPod classic 120GB.

When I was looking for a new AT&T smartphone last month, my two options
were an iPhone or a Motorola Backflip.  You know what?  The Backflip
through AT&T is *just* as locked down as the iPhone.  But you've seen my
rant on this.

The difference is, my solution to this stuff not working under Linux
(because EVERY Linux program that can sync with an iPod currently has
big problems.  Details if you're curious, but take my word for it), my
response is to not fight it, but use an old laptop running Windows XP
for managing them (disclaimer: In the process of moving over now).
Because I understood what I was getting myself into.

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