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> My own 17" MacBook Pro is only 6 or 7 months old, but it easily logs
> 70+ hours a week, haven't had to replace a thing. I've got a 5+ year

Mac Book Pro (15", early 2008):
screen: several erratic vertical lines
optical drive replaced
logic board replaced once, to be replaced again tomorrow
power supply failed
2 batteries malfunctioning (possibly due to bad logic board and/or
faulty power supply)

Mac Pro (2x4core 3GHz, early 2008):
failed video card
failed mother board
complete hard drive crash

But I'd still splash out and buy another MBP (not so sure about Mac Pro
-- I reckon a Mac Mini would do most of what I need).  Apple makes stuff
that you get attached to -- I never really wanted an MP3 player, and was
quite happy with SD cards in my Palm Treo and the hands-free kit
headphones  -- until I got a free iPod Touch, and now I don't know how I
lived without it.  The unified integration I'd get with an iPad is a big
incentive to now stick with Apple.  I know -- vendor lock-in...  I guess
that is life in the benevolent dictatorship of "Steve knows best".

> released yet. Windows 7 is, well, a Microsoft product, so if you have
> problems with Apple, hard to see how Windows would be a better
> alternative for a tablet, performance and usability issues aside.

Having seen the demos for Adobe Air multi-touch APIs and the HP
touch-smart all-in-one PCs, I'm definitely curious to see what
W7/Adobe/HP/others will be able to achieve.


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