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On Apr 12, 2010, at 10:07 PM, Ryan Pugatch wrote:
> Most common issues are hard drive failures, display failures/vertical or horizontal lines, video card failures, expanding batteries (particularly with pre-unibody 17 inchers).

In order:

I haven't heard about a widespread bad batch of disks from Hitachi or Fujitsu (mine's Fujitsu).

The vertical lines are a known manufacturing defect on some of the early 2008 model MBPs and is a warranty repair.

Video card failures are also a known issue on the 2008 models and are also warranty repairs (remember the nVidia overheating brouhaha from that time period?)

I don't know about the battery issue on the Intels.  My old 12" G4 PowerBook *did* fall under the Sony battery recall a few years ago, though.

But I'll note these for future reference.  I should have asked before but are the Macs in question owned by their users or are they company-owned?  Because I've seen the kind of abuse that non-owners put notebooks through. :)

--Rich P.

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