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> Can't we just stick to important issues like "VI vs. emacs" debates?

I recently switched from emacs to vim via vi extensions of browsers.
Now the way I edit text is more consistent with how I browse.

It is software lock-in that gets me to buy Apple products.  I have 6
or 7 years of experience with Final Cut Pro for doing video, about
five with Keynote for doing presentations.  We have had Blu talks
about open source video work, but at this time, Final Cut has such a
stronger look and feel to what I have seen in open source video
editing.  Since Apple is based on Unix, they could take the object-c
code and compile it in a way to make those programs work on Linux.  I
don't think that will ever happen, which is why I own a Mac Mini.

I do like the iPad concept: this device is to look at stuff wherever.
I can easily wait a year or two for google to team up with folks in
the orient on a gPad.  Like the Nexus One, I will pay a premium to get
the best hardware of the moment free and clear of any contracts.

The coolest software lock-in I have seen for the iPhone/iPad is
VoiceBand.  Sing to your phone, and it will translate that into MIDI
signals.  Record power guitar cords, drums, base, and of course
vocals.  Saw an impressive video of the process done by people with
serious musical skills for songs they already knew (in other words,
the deck was stacked, still it was fun to watch).


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