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Using an SSD as swap?

On Thu, 02 Dec 2010 09:21:41 -0500, Derek Atkins wrote:
> Robert Krawitz <rlk-FrUbXkNCsVf2fBVCVOL8/A at> writes:
>> The question is whether in practice I'd come anywhere near the write
>> limit in any reasonable amount of time.  Or whether I'd care even if I
>> did.
> You definitely would care if it did!

Well, I'd get a write failure to swap, which would probably lead to
something between a process receiving a SIGKILL and the laptop taking
a panic.  If this were to happen after 2 years of hard use (at which
point I'd be memory constrained until I either added a new device or
used a free partition on my rotating disk, assuming I haven't replaced
the laptop by then), it would be well in the noise level.

This is not a 24x7 HA server.  This would be at least one order of
magnitude down from other glitches that sometimes cause a hard crash
on my laptop.

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