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Virtual machine

Yes, we (Ned and I) sure do disagree.

As for me:

- Don't care about uninstallers (if any of my equipment gets hosed in an
unrecoverable way, I can recover within 20 minutes by hitting ctl-alt-del
followed by PXEboot to wipe hard drive and start over).
- Don't care about key-capture once the guest tools are installed.
- Have never felt the urge to swap out network adapters while the guest O/S is
running.  (Haven't done that with non-virtual machines either, come to think
of it....)
- I'll stand behind my disk I/O metrics.  I think your empirical observations
are off the mark; I /measured/ mine.  I'm open to criticism of my methods but
only if given measured data and a procedure for repeating results in a
scientific way.

The one thing I do with VirtualBox had in its free version is USB support.  So
far I've not needed to plug in arbitrary devices but at some point I will want
to do a comparison of the non-free version of this product with the paid ones
mentioned here.  I just *will* not pay $200 so I can change the key-uncapture
sequence to ctl-alt-meta-Q given that the guest tools obviate the need for any
such sequence.

We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.  99.9% of inquirers here on
this BLU list who are asking "which virtualization host manager should I use?"
probably aren't near the decision-making point that you've reached in terms of
feature requirements. Disk I/O performance is a substantive issue for most
anyone, and we should debate that here, but I can't see how a key-capture
sequence or uninstaller is going to factor in most people's decisions.


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