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Virtual machine

> From: discuss-bounces-mNDKBlG2WHs at [mailto:discuss-bounces-mNDKBlG2WHs at] On Behalf
> Of Rich Braun
> Yes, we (Ned and I) sure do disagree.
> As for me:
> - Don't care about uninstallers (if any of my equipment gets hosed in an
> unrecoverable way, I can recover within 20 minutes by hitting ctl-alt-del
> followed by PXEboot to wipe hard drive and start over).

Your laptop can have the OS reinstalled automatically via PXE boot?  How do
you do that?

> - Don't care about key-capture once the guest tools are installed.

You can't disable the host key.  There is no key on my keyboard that I don't
use.  That means, no matter what I do, I will accidentally pop out of the
guest OS, and start typing on my primary laptop OS.

> - Have never felt the urge to swap out network adapters while the guest
> is
> running.  (Haven't done that with non-virtual machines either, come to
> of it....)

Are you kidding?  You never go from a wifi network to a wire, or vice-versa?

> to do a comparison of the non-free version of this product with the paid
> mentioned here.  I just *will* not pay $200 so I can change the key-
> uncapture

It's funny that you comment on measuring your disk performance, and call my
personal experience empriical ... But then you quote $200 for a commercial
virtual application.

Parallels and Fusion are $80 full price without any discount.  Usually you
can get it around $50 or $60.

VMWare workstation goes around $150 

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