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my life with linux....

I started down an upgrade path back sometime in mid October. Today, at 
about 11pm, I finally crossed the finish line. (I hope....) 7 weeks. In 
all this time I ended up doing the following.

upgraded my workstation at work. Major upgrade with motherboard swap, 
added 5 terabytes of disk space etc.
upgraded my workstation at home. same major upgrade with mother board 
swap etc. (I even utubed it...)
out comes fedora 14 so...
upgraded home workstation to fedora 14 -> Caused all sorts of grief 
since nvidia driver has a bad bug.
upgraded home vmware client to fedora 14
upgraded work vmware client to fedora 14
upgraded laptop vmware client to fedora 14
reconfigured all my disks on all vmware and kvm clients to use 
partitions instead of files.
out comes rhel6 so....
upgraded my workstation at work to rhel6
upgraded secondary server at work to rhel6
upgraded my two basement servers to rhel6....
all the rhel6 upgrades were difficult since red hat did not provide an 
upgrade path. I had to install from scratch and rebuild the system 
services from backups.

two major hardware upgrades, 7 OS updates...

I'm exhausted from all this upgrade work!!!....

and all this time, I've been falling behind in day job work. I'll 
finally may be able to get something done which is not sys admin related 

I don't know about you guys, but I end up spending sooo much time on 
tuning all my systems, (fixing, tweaking, upgrading) it's getting out of 
hand. And part of the problem is that I've dived head first into setting 
up virtual systems that they seem to be proliferating and with each new 
one, there goes more admin time...

anyway... sorry for the rant, I just had to get it off my chest...

Cheers. Steve.

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