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Addendum, my MythTV upgrade

I'm looking for suggestions on two aspects of the MythTV 0.24 upgrade:

* Core MythTV developers, for whatever reason--perhaps pressure from film
industry lawyers, perhaps just the technical challenges of coping with even
the tiniest scratches on real-world DVDs--have opted to discontinue the
built-in DVD ripper.  What alternatives that work better than "dd if=/dev/dvd
of=filename.iso" are available under Linux?

* MythNetvision gives basically a blank screen , the menu button doesn't work,
and MythBrowser is highly prone to crashing.  I don't even have a grasp of
what this feature can actually do, aside from the screenshots available on the wiki.  Have any of y'all gotten this feature to work?  FYI my base
distro is OpenSuSE 11.3, and the rpm packages for MythTV come from PackMan.

I miss the built-in DVD ripper that worked until 0.23.1.  It was
family-friendly enough for any household member to figure out without my
having to do all the ripping myself, and it seemed to be getting better at
handling disk defects.  Then all of a sudden it's gone, and I'm back to
downloading tool after tool in search of one that has any error correction

The one tool I've found that works really well for the 5% or so of my discs
that have at least one flaw is a Windows program called DVD Decrypter, last
updated in 2005.  But I want a Linux one that I can somehow shoehorn into the
same MythTV interface that I'm used to.


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