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Addendum, my MythTV upgrade

On 12/05/2010 08:28 PM, Rich Braun wrote:
> I'm looking for suggestions on two aspects of the MythTV 0.24 upgrade:
> * Core MythTV developers, for whatever reason--perhaps pressure from film
> industry lawyers, perhaps just the technical challenges of coping with even
> the tiniest scratches on real-world DVDs--have opted to discontinue the
> built-in DVD ripper.  What alternatives that work better than "dd if=/dev/dvd
> of=filename.iso" are available under Linux?

I generally try to respect copyright rules, but on occasion when I need
to take something on the road, I use vobcopy.  This does not make a copy
of the whole DVD, though that may be a plus (a lot less space) or a
minus (menus, extras, etc) depending on your situation.

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