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I'm thinking about writing a small article for my website about NoSQL 
solutions vs SQL. (Mybe I can get some googlebucks) I know its like 
shoveling sand against the tide of conventional wisdom and I know 
everyone is doing something similar, but I'm at the point where the 
frustration is killing me. Most of the "NoSQL" arguments against SQL 
databases are born from ignorance of databases. Take a look at the 
xtranormal video "MongoDB is web scale" 

Anyway, I'm an old timer and generally pro-SQL and while I understand 
the areas where SQL has difficulty "scaling," I think some 
practical/pragmatic thinking will show that 99.99% of the web sites out 
there would be more than fine with SQL DBMS based data storage systems. 
People seem to either not know or forget just how well SQL performs and 
just how damn flexible and usable it really is. SQL databases aren't 
*just* about storing your data, no, they are about finding your data as 

Any rants/raves/comments either pro/con about NoSQL or SQL?

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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