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On 12/07/2010 10:56 AM, Laura Conrad wrote:
>>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Shields<matt-urrlRJtNKRMsHrnhXWJB8w at>  writes:
>      Matt>  if your bank was running a NoSQL database and you just
>      Matt>  deposited your money and expected the transaction to show up
>      Matt>  when you looked at it from your phone and didn't see it there
>      Matt>  and they told you your account would be "eventually
>      Matt>  consistant" with what they were telling you, would you be
>      Matt>  happy?
> No, but it would be normal for a bank.
That's an artifact of "proof and transit" at a bank. Before the 
electronic funds are updated, all credits are verified. Generally 
speaking, the authoritative copy is consistent after a credit is approved.

Consider this: You deposit a check for $500 in an ATM. Does the ATM put 
$500 in your account? Usually not. Once or twice a day the deposit 
envelopes are sent to a room when they are shucked, the money counted 
and the checks run through reader. The transaction is then applied to 
your account. Leaving the non-cash amount as "uncollected." When the 
checks clear,  the bank updates your account and makes the cash available.

Where was I going? oh, yea, I digress, a rule of thumb: Banks don't 
screw around. A credit to your account takes time and verification, a 
debit comes out right away. :-)

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