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Upgrade a CVS server to something else?

Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> Uggh.

Just because I criticize Subversion, don't think I don't have any gripes 
about git.

The commands are roughly divided into "plumbing" (low-level) and 
"porcelain" (higher-level). 

On that analogy, I am looking forward to someone building a 
full-featured "bathroom": A GUI that goes well beyond gitk and gitg, 
both in offering rich and complete views into a repository, but also 
being complete in manipulating it, and in helping teach how what it does 
correlates with the command line.

Recently I saw an online video of Linus showing us all kinds of nifty 
things, like powerful ways to see how to see how an apparently 
complicated git merge conflict can actually be pretty simple and how to 
find out.  Unfortunately the cameracritter thought we wanted to see his 
face and didn't show the examples he was typing.  The result was 

It seemed emblematic of the state of git: Tons of power, to do new 
things we haven't thought about much before now (and so don't much 
understand), obscurely packaged.


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