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FCC internet access rules

On 12/21/2010 10:45 PM, Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> As usual all media outlets are not to be trusted.  But unlike usual, I don't
> know where to read between the lines and discern where the real truth is.  I
> start reading 12-page long detailed articles about blah blah, and reach the
> conclusion, "We probably lost."  "What the hell, I might as well cave in and
> buy a stupid consumer-raping smartphone now."
> You know I want one.  I'm only objecting for philosophical reasons, as a
> consumer who is not a clueless idiot distracted by shiny objects, I find
> myself washing the dishes after dinner tonight, thinking "Cave in.  Cave in.
> Cave in.  It's Christmas."

If you're never out of range of wifi, grab a color Nook and root it.
Much nicer and cheaper ($250) than a smartphone.  Android runs great on
it, you can watch movies on it, play angry birds, whatever you might use
a smartphone for (except making calls).

I saw one (a rooted color nook) recently and wanted one even though I
have no use for it (I already have an android smartphone).


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