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[Discuss] Slackware

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 9:19 PM, Tom Metro <tmetro-blu at> wrote:
> Shankar Viswanathan wrote:
>> Are there any other distros that have a Slackware-like configuration
>> system (i.e. simple rc files) but with better package management?
> What's different about the "simple rc files" approach that you like
> compared to how configuration is handled in Debian?
> Debian may not use "simple rc files", but it is fully configurable using
> text files (largely by tweaking parameters in /etc/defaults).

I did not mean to imply Debian's configuration method is too complex,
but rather I wanted to know if some other distro uses the *same* rc
file mechanism as Slackware but with better package management.

FYI, I ran Slackware for almost a decade starting early 1995, and I
was able to configure it without too much help (*). The initial Debian
configuration was a lot harder for me, even with the benefit of Google
searches. Perhaps it was because I had to unlearn Slackware first.


(*) I'm not counting the port number magic I had to learn to make the
kernel recognize my ISA sound card. I think I got the basic steps for
that from a post on comp.os.linux, Oh, and there was some Modeline
thing I had to do to get X working.

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