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[Discuss] I think my server is running out of "something"

On 03/18/2012 12:02 AM, David Kramer wrote:
> Quick overview of ground zero:
> Home-built server/firewall/mail server/web server/MythTV back end/makes
> coffee.
> Motherboard: Abit IP35 Pro with Intel Core2Duo E6750  @ 2.66GHz
> eth0 --> cablemodem
> eth1 --> intranet
> 6 sata ports on motherboard (JBOD, not RAID)
>   1 sata drive for root
>   4 sata drives for MythTV recordings
>   1 sata DVD-RW
> I decided to add another 1TB drive for MythTV recordings, so I bought a
> WD Caviar Black sata drive.  I plug it into the 6th and last sata port
> and power back up, and the server won't boot.  Unplug the new drive, and
> it boots.
> I got an idea of trying to disconnect the DVD-RW drive and plug the new
> drive back into sata port 6, and the server boots.  Spooky.  So once
> again I unhook the new drive, plug in the DVD-RW drive again, and it boots.
> Then I discovered that eth1 was dark.  No signal, lights aren't lighting
> up.  So my server can get to the internet, but the rest of the house was
> SOL.  I reboot, and then eth1 works, but eth0 is dark, so I can get to
> my server from my other computers, but nothing can get out to the
> internet.  I reboot AGAIN and finally both ethernet jacks are live.  I
> backed away slowly thinking clean thoughts.  Again, this is several
> reboots with no changes to hardware getting different results.
> Current status is that the system is back up with all the original hard
> drives working, and both ethernet ports working, but my brand spankin
> new hard drive is staring at me longingly waiting to be deployed.
> I have a theory that my server is running out of "something"
> (interrupts?  DMAs?), and the luck of the draw is determining what
> devices get what they need.  I can't think of another scenario where
> devices would randomly work or not at boot, and adding a device disables
> others.  What do you think?
> What can I look at?
> What can I try?
> Thanks in advance.
> Side note: I stick labels on all my drives with the install date.
> Apparently some of my MythTV drives have been spinning almost
> continuously since 2007.  That is impressive.  And scary.
> _______________________________________________
Look at your power supply. That won't explain the dark eth ports, but
you might be marginally pulling too much power.

Boot issues:
I had a similar issue. last summer when I went on a cruise I took my HDs
out, and when I put them back the system dis not boot. I manually
reordered them and it booted fine. 

BTW: JABR has a full rack at home :-)

Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
Boston Linux and Unix
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