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[Discuss] Speakers for IPv6?

I was thinking about trying something at our next Installfest. Brian DeLacey
donated an Efika MX Smarttop a couple years ago, and I figured the first
step should be to configure it as the core of a portale BLU IPv6 network.

Yesterday I tried to connect it to Hurricane Electric's tunnel broker service,
but I had no luck; apparently it's difficult to set this up from behind a
NAT appliance.

I thought I might have better luck with SixXS, which I'm already using on
the BLU colocated servers, but after poring over the SixXS FAQs, I couldn't
find out if they allow more than one tunnel on an account. They make it clear
that if you try to create two accounts, you'll be banned for life.

We've got a wiki at Wikispaces, which may be usable for this, I just created
a page there, but when I tried to add a list of O'Reilly books, its page editor
failed badly. I'm not sure if the problem is with wikispace's
javascript or with
the chrome browser on my laptop; I'll try it later from another machine.

On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 10:15 AM, Charlie Bennett <ccb at> wrote:
> Maybe this requires a different approach...
> Perhaps we start with a small special-purpose mediawiki instance to
> round up all of the information we know collectively about IPv6, 6-in-4,
> 4-in-6, dual stack, DNS, firewalling, etc.
> Round up other information about vendors, devices, firmware stacks,
> ISPs, books, other resources on the web.
> THEN - use the installfest model.  We all go hang out somewhere for a
> day with our devices - switches, routers, Linux, Android, Windows, OSX,
> iOS, DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT, whatever and work out what works and what
> doesn't.  This may take a bit more advance planning that an installfest
> but may be well worth it.
> Anybody got a phone that does IPv6 for tether or hotspot?
> ccb
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