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[Discuss] Some Java questions

On 10/25/2012 02:00 PM, Eugene Gorelik wrote:
> Number of CPUs used by the app depends on the thread control in the app
> itself or in the application container where this app is deployed.
> Amount of used memory heap depends on the number of objects which are
> loaded to the memory. Garbage collection process is regulated by JVM and I
> don't think it is possible to manually set GC interval.
> Therefore it is difficult to predict exactly when GC happens and to prevent
> JVM from memory clean-up.
> As always, you can experiment with putting load to the app and see how it
> behaves.
> if you think that problem is related to memory leak, then take a java heap
> dump and analyze it using tool like IBM heap analyzer:
> Working closely with developer of the app should help a lot.
Unfortunately, the developer is in the Netherlands.  In this particular
situation, the guys working on the specific problem do speak to the
developer frequently because this is an ongoing project with a rather
ambitious time frame. So, in this case, we have a guy here who is 100%
dedicated to this client problem with 3 VMs. Yesterday we ran into a
"too many Open Files" issue. That is an easy one to solve, I bumped up
the soft and hard file limits.

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