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permissions aren't sensible. They're weird. Thorough documentation
doesn't make them any less weird.

> and it would be extremely unusual to have /usr/local on something 
> other than ext*, so much so that a comment to that effect would 
> absolutely be warranted if it were the case.

I frequently put /usr/local on NFS volumes when deploying across large
pools of hosts. I'm not the only one to ever do this. It isn't unusual
at all.

> NO, IT IS NOT.  If the files were not there, he would STILL get a 
> permission denied after chmod 0.  This conforms exactly to what I 
> said.

Irrelevant. What Bill was expecting was "file not found" which GCC
passes over for optional include and library directories. What he got
was the unexpected "permission denied" error and GCC failing.

Rich P.

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