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[Discuss] protecting kids online

Hi All,

I have two nieces (7 & 9) with shiny new android tablets.  I've looked
at various browser plugins and apps but nothing really stood out to me
that would effectively block adult content and was no cost.  The couple
of things I tried seem pretty easy to get around.  Anybody have any

Note that the version of android these low cost devices are using don't
seem have the latest limited account adult content controls.  They also
have a single core 1ghz processor and are kind of slow but fun for the
kids.  I notice it's against google's policy for kids to have gmail
accounts but the device is pretty much useless without one.  I made a
fake account for them and said I was 13 though I was still able to
search and find adult content.

My thought is to do the filtering at the router / firewall or via a
proxy server.  Don't rely on a third party and create my own white list.
 I would bet somebody has already done this.  Thoughts?


Eric Chadbourne

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