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[Discuss] protecting kids online

On 02/05/2014 07:54 PM, Mike Small wrote:
> Richard Pieri <richard.pieri at> writes:
>> Kent Borg wrote:
>>> But putting up content blocks seems the wrong first step, it sets her up
>>> as an opponent, doesn't it?
>> Precisely. That's why I call these things half-assed. What happens
>> when a kid is told not to do something? What did you -- any of you --
>> do when you were told, as a kid, not to do something? Chances are you
>> did it anyway, and chances are you did it because you were told not to
>> do it.
> So if you want to cultivate an interest in hacking linux routers, etc.,
> a good first step would be to block porn?

By the time they have the ability to figure out how to set up their own
vpn or something they are ready to view whatever they want on the net imho.

We're talking about preteens.  Children.  They aren't doing any hacking
yet.  Though I hope the day comes soon.  I think Richard and Kent
fundamentally misunderstand the situation.  The comments of "half assed"
and "opponent" are extreme in this situation.

The two young girls don't want to see graphic violence or graphic sexual
content.  They actually cover their eyes, on their own, when that stuff
pops up on TV.  It gives them nightmares.  They are small children.
This isn't a matter of education, it's a matter of implementation.
Nobody in the family is an "opponent".  Things could change but we
aren't there yet.  And uncle Eric is a very strong proponent of free
speech so the very second any filtering can be removed it will be.

The reference to drm is apples and oranges.  Doesn't make sense here.

If you think the google god's algorithms to be so great at filtering I
suggest you are mistaken.  Such as the girls frequently do searches for
various princesses and the like and print them out.  Use it for coloring
and paper dolls.  Occasionally they don't get the princess they expect.
 You know how porn movies and actors like to have similar names to
popular things.

I occasionally like porn.  You probably do too.  Would you leave a porn
magazine (if such things still exist) on the kitchen table in a house
with young children?  We have "educated" the child not to open it.  But
would you leave it within reach?  I assume your answer would be no.  So
I think we agree there should be limits or filters for children, it's
just how to implement it and as they age how to avoid a possible
adversarial relationship.

My father had a pretty large gun collection.  He was never my adversary
because the firearms were in a locked gun closet and I could only use
them around him.  That example is a bit of a stretch but you see what I

My $0.02.

- Eric

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